Turkish What is Ship Steel Plate?

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Turkish What is Ship Steel Plate?

Steel Plate The history of shipbuilding in our country is Steel late based on centuries. The estuary shipyard, which was established after the conquest of Istanbul, is one of the biggest examples.

Private Shipyards, on the other hand, have Private Sector Shipyards established in the Golden Horn and Istanbul Strait in the early 1950s to carry out maintenance and repair activities. Towards the end of the 1960s, they started building small-tonnage ships by developing. During these years, we see that our ship industry has switched from predominantly wooden ship production to steel ship production. The sub-industry of Turkey has started to develop with the increase of the new shipbuilding capacity, which is 60,000 DWT, in steel ship production, and the continuous evaluation of its needs. With the decision of the Council of Ministers, Tuzla Aydınlı was declared as “Private Sector Shipyards Region” in 1969.

Ship Steel Plate

Since 1983, steel ship manufacturers have started to settle in the “Private Sector Shipyards Region” with the method of renting their treasury lands for 49 years in order to have their own production areas. For this reason, Tuzla shipyards region is our region where shipbuilding plate is used the most. In the following years, new shipyards were established in regions such as Yalova, Ordu, Trabzon, Mersin, Muğla and Antalya. Shipbreaking shipyards have been established in İzmir Aliağa and they have a considerable level of processing volume in the world in terms of shipbreaking. Our shipyards, which started to operate in these regions, have made infrastructure investments, adapted to the ever-evolving technology and have come to the top of the world in shipbuilding. In addition, they carried out maintenance and repair and shipbuilding activities.

Turkish Shipbuilding Plate

With the growth of the private sector in the consumption and production of ship plate, the capacity of our country’s steel producers has also increased. Since ship sheet prices vary, they can be obtained from ERDEMİR, which is the largest domestic steel producer, or from Ukraine when suitable conditions are met. Although there are different steel producers in our country, they have turned to commercial quality steels, which are mainly needed. In summary, ship sheet prices vary according to the desired quality of the ship sheet, the thickness and width of the ship sheet, ie its dimensions, in addition to the need for the ship sheet, i.e. the quantity. You can contact our sales team for ship sheet prices.

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