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Turkish Galvanized Box Profile Manufacturers

Galvanized box profile is produced in two different ways. The most preferred method is the box profile produced from galvanized coils. Galvanized box profiles produced from galvanized sheets up to 2 mm in thickness are also less costly than other methods. Galvanized box profile prices are determined according to the selection of these two methods. Galvanized box profiles made of galvanized sheet are more suitable than the prices of hot-dip galvanized box profiles, which is the other production method of galvanized box profiles. Galvanized sheet prices are more suitable than hot dip zinc coating prices.

Galvanized Box Profile Prices

Galvanized box profiles are produced in two ways. The first and most commonly used method of galvanized sheet, which is used for certain thicknesses, is briefly as follows. The size of the galvanized coil sheet to be slitted is determined according to the box profile size to be produced. For example, suppose we use 1 mm galvanized coils. Galvanized steel sheet widths are 1000 mm, 1200 mm or 1250 mm as standard.

Galvanized Square Profile Production İstanbul

If we think that the Galvanized box profile side width we plan to produce is 50 mm, we can calculate that we need 4 pieces of 50 mm wide, 200 mm wide galvanized coiled sheet material as the 4 sides of the galvanized square profile will be the same size. Assuming that the galvanized steel sheet is 1000 mm, we have 200 mm galvanized steel sheet as a result of slitting 5 steel sheets with blades. We form 200 mm galvanized coil steel sheets in a square profile drawing line that runs at a speed of 100 meters per minute from the lines that we call roll form and which are crimped as galvanized square profile. The longitudinal end of the galvanized square profile coming out of the roll form machine is closed with the open end. We now have a galvanized square profile, but this surface is vulnerable to corrosion since there is no galvanizing from the weld. Galvanized square profile is welded to the part of the galvanized coating by spraying method that zinc is sprayed. Galvanized Square Profile 50x50x1 mm packaging unit, which is now in its final form, is ready for shipment by strapping with certain pieces according to each size.

Istanbul Galvanized Squared Section

Galvanized square profile production is shipped from our stock areas in Istanbul and Gebze. Galvanized Box profile prices vary according to galvanized coil steel sheet prices and zinc ingot prices. You can call us without hesitation for your galvanized box profile needs.

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