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Differences Between P265GH and P355GH

Differences Between P265GH and P355GH When comparing steels, it’s important to know the differences between P265GH and P355GH. Generally speaking, P355GH steel is used for high-pressure vessels and structural parts in boilers and piping systems. These two grades are similar in properties and are often used for the same purposes. However, there are some differences between them. Let’s […]

P355GH Chemical Composition and Properties

P355GH Chemical Composition and Properties For structural purposes, P355GH is an ideal choice for structural steel. The steel’s P355GH Chemical Composition and mechanical properties meet the requirements of the BS EN 10273:2016 standard, which can be downloaded from the Euronorm website. This data sheet also lists the various specifications, heat treatment processes and corrosion information. […]

Heat Resistant Steel P355GH

Isıya Dayanıklı Çelik kaliteleri

Heat Resistant Steel P355GH Heat resistant steel P355GH steel is a kind of material for EN10028 P355GH steel plates, boiler and steel vessel steel. EN10028 heat resistant steel P355GH steel sheets can be applied with a minimum yield strength of 280-3 MPa and well weldable, their heat resistant steel P355 GH steel is mainly used […]

Boiler Steels

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Boiler Steels As it is understood from the name of boiler sheets, it is the type of steel plate used in boiler production. Boilers are generally used in the internal structure of boilers. Boiler sheets are pressure resistant steels. Commercial grade steels start with S quality designation, for example S235JR, and boiler sheets are P […]

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