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How to Make Steel Coil Slitting

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How to Make Steel Coil Slitting   How to make steel coil slitting is a process that cuts a steel coil to a desired width. The cutter is typically powered by a press machine, but may also be operated manually. In a slitting line, the cutter usually follows the slitter. Modern slitting lines often include […]

The History of Turkish Steel Prices

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The History of Turkish Steel Prices Steel is one of the most important materials that is used to make products. It is made up of two main components, iron and carbon, and has various features and uses. In addition, Turkish companies are part of the global market for steel and process this material for demands. […]

Why is the Galvanized Steel Price So High?

galvanized steel prices

Why is the Galvanized Steel Price So High? A number of factors are influencing the galvanized steel price. In the US, there is an acute shortage of sheet steel and global demand is higher than supply. The resulting supply shortages have pushed the price of steel higher. In the last decade, the world steel market […]

Why is the Galvanized Steel Price So High?

There are a number of factors that have caused the recent steel price rise. A significant supply Galvanized Steel Price shortage has resulted in a high steel price. In some cases, there is not enough steel available to meet the demand. Additionally, the supply of wood has almost doubled since the Covid-19 pandemic. While the […]

Heat Resistant Steel P355GH

Isıya Dayanıklı Çelik kaliteleri

Heat Resistant Steel P355GH Heat resistant steel P355GH steel is a kind of material for EN10028 P355GH steel plates, boiler and steel vessel steel. EN10028 heat resistant steel P355GH steel sheets can be applied with a minimum yield strength of 280-3 MPa and well weldable, their heat resistant steel P355 GH steel is mainly used […]

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