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Heat Resistant Steel P355GH

Isıya Dayanıklı Çelik kaliteleri

Heat Resistant Steel P355GH Heat resistant steel P355GH steel is a kind of material for EN10028 P355GH steel plates, boiler and steel vessel steel. EN10028 heat resistant steel P355GH steel sheets can be applied with a minimum yield strength of 280-3 MPa and well weldable, their heat resistant steel P355 GH steel is mainly used […]

Turkish Boiler plate prices


Turkish Boiler plate prices Turkish Boiler sheet or boiler steels are P group steels. 16mo3 is also included in this group. Mainly used grades are P235, P265, P295, P355 and 16MO3. Erdemi grades are 6341 erdemir quality, 6335 erdemir quality, 6347 erdemir quality, 6352 erdemir quality, 6345 erdemir quality, 16Mo3 erdemir quality. Turkish Boiler plate […]

What are P Group Boiler Steel Sheets?

boiler steel plate

What are P Group Boiler Sheets? Another name for P group boiler steel sheets is pressure vessel steels. Their most well-known feature is their good weldability. While the metal sheets with a cross section smaller than 25 mm are welded, there is no tendency to harden in the region under heat effect, ie ITAB. In […]

What Are The Chemical Differences Between P235GH and P355GH ?

p235gh and p355gh

What Are The Chemical Differences Between P235GH and P355GH ? P235GH and P355GH materials are pressure vessel steels, also known as boiler sheets. Considering the general properties, it is seen that both materials have good weldability. In addition, they can withstand high pressure. P235 Quality Strength Values P235 grade material is in the unalloyed steel […]

Usage Areas and Chemicals of Boiler Steel Sheets

Boiler Sheet Chemicals

Usage Areas and Chemicals of Boiler Sheets You may have seen that the letter P is at the beginning of the boiler sheets, which are also called pressure vessel steels. This is because the material is in the P quality group. It has high sowing and yield strength for design. In high temperature conditions, its […]

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