Turkish Omega Pole Manufacturing

turkish omega pole producer

Omega pole prices   Omega direct price calculation Sheet thickness and price to be used for omega pole production Galvanized thickness: 275 gr / m2 Sheet cutting and bending labor cost for omega pole production For omega pole production Sheet prices can be found on our website. Omega direct manufacturing cost calculation example (2019 October) […]

What is the difference between hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel?

Turkish hot rolled steel plate

What is the difference between hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel? There are many types of steel based on different types, grades, specifications, finishing and other processing considerations. However, it is the type of steel made in terms of rolling, which is the production method: Hot rolled steels and Cold rolled steels. Understanding the […]

Turkish Cold rolled sheet prices

turkish cold rolled steel price

Turkish Cold rolled sheet prices Before processing into turkish cold rolled steel, it is necessary to pass the steel acid line to eliminate the black oxide structure on the surface, then Hot Rolled flat steel is cold rolled at room temperature to the desired final thickness. In cold rolling, hot rolled coils are made by […]

Turkish Galvanized box profile production

turkish Galvanized section profile

Turkish Galvanized box profile production To produce galvanized box profile, we first need to know the box profile. Turkish Galvanized Box profile production is roughly made by slicing the coil sheet and then joining and welding the two edge ends of the sliced ​​sheet coil on the lines we call the roll form line. How […]

How is turkish steel production done?

turkish steel producer

How is turkish steel production done? Steelmaking and steelmaking methods improved significantly in the late 1800s with the need for industrial production. However, the New methods still rely on the use of oxygen to reduce the carbon content in the iron. Today, turkish steelmaking uses traditional raw materials such as iron ore, coal, and limestone […]

Turkish What is Ship Steel Plate?

steel coils cutting, galvanized coils cutting, cold rolled steel slitting, hot roled coils cutting,steel cutting, turkish steel price

Turkish What is Ship Steel Plate? The history of shipbuilding in our country is based on centuries. The estuary shipyard, which was established after the conquest of Istanbul, is one of the biggest examples. Private Shipyards, on the other hand, have Private Sector Shipyards established in the Golden Horn and Istanbul Strait in the early […]

Turkish Boiler plate prices


Turkish Boiler plate prices Turkish Boiler sheet or boiler steels are P group steels. 16mo3 is also included in this group. Mainly used grades are P235, P265, P295, P355 and 16MO3. Erdemi grades are 6341 erdemir quality, 6335 erdemir quality, 6347 erdemir quality, 6352 erdemir quality, 6345 erdemir quality, 16Mo3 erdemir quality. Turkish Boiler plate […]

Turkish Galvanized steel prices

Turkish galvanized steel price

Turkish Galvanized steel prices The use of Turkish Galvanized Steel has started to increase in recent years. The main usage areas of galvanized steel consumption are: automotive industry, light steel constructions, traffic signs and signs, interior and exterior parts of buildings, PVC door window sector, ship industry. It is one of the coating methods to […]

Properties of St 37 – s235 grade steel

Boiler sheets , boiler steels, pressure resistant steels,16mo3 , P235, P265, P295, P355 and 16MO3, pressure resistant steel sheet

Properties of St 37 – s235 grade steels S235 Structural steels are building materials that have certain steel grades consisting of standard cross-section shapes and have industry standards. There are structural steel grades with chemical compositions and mechanical properties formulated according to certain applications. It is indispensable for a steel structure to be applied in […]

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