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Flat objects that have been hot dipped galvanized are coated with an innovative process that eliminates the need for painting. Finally, a single layer of zinc coating is applied and cured, eradicating any holes and impurities from the base metal.

Using our hot dip galvanizing process, flat items may be continuously zinc coated. 210°C molten zinc is applied to the base metal using the Anciara line in a single pass.

All of our flat goods are coated with a hot dip in a continuous process.


The most common flat goods are steel, iron, and aluminum ducts, pipes, and sheets. The most prevalent techniques of coating our products are hot dip galvanized, copper-coated, PVC-coated, and aluminum-coated. They are used in a wide range of sectors, including the gas industry, water boiler industrial heat treatment, building embellishment, and more. Flat products contınously coated by hot dıp


Hot-dip galvanizing is used on a regular basis to galvanize flat objects at Paramount Piping Products. With this kind of zinc coating, all of our flat items are protected against rusting. In our manufacturing, we employ section 8mm flat steel sheets and strips, which are zinc-coated and painted to prevent corrosion of the welded components. All of our products have been standardized to Grade A 55° ASTM A653/A653M-03.


Cascade Aerospace is now undertaking pre-delivery checks to assure the integrity of its galvanized goods (PDI). As a final step, Cascade Aerospace intends to use either a dip tank or hot water with dish soap and sodium hydroxide to buff and wire brush the parts.


Galvanized iron products including sheet, pipe, and hollow profile may be made on the continuous coating production line.

hot-dip galvanized products Galvanized Flat Items” in Europe is a unique method for producing large quantities of high-quality galvanized coated flat objects using specially developed equipment..

Using hot dip galvanizing to coat the galvanized flat items, various processes, including phosphating, degreasing and descaling, are completed. In the production process, there is no contact with any other pollution sources.


A record-low for galvanized flat items of this kind is being set by hot dip galvanized (HDG) rails made of stainless steel, which are being used by major steel mills, oil refineries, chemical facilities, offshore platforms, and loading wall accessories alike.


Fast-moving water continually strips away panels’ and plates’ zinc bottom coatings due to hot dip galvanizing technique. No black edge is left behind when you use this kind of galvanized product. In order to characterize these products, the term FLAT is employed.


Our hot dip galvanizing technique paints flat objects continuously from water to coating. Flat products contınously coated by hot dıp  All of these metals may be employed, regardless of the length of the final result in these commodities.


Our Hot Dip Galvanized galvanized steel pipes and flat products have an additional layer of corrosion resistance due to the continuous coating we put to them. Products with a continuous coating can survive the elements for an extended period of time while still being repairable.

Continuously galvanized steel wire is coated by hot dip galvanizing. Steel buildings, scaffolding, and strainer mesh are all examples of its widespread use in the oil, chemical, and construction sectors. Flat products contınously coated by hot dıpHot dip galvanized steel wire is a flat product that is continuously coated with zinc.


Railroads and other heavy industries employ continuous flat objects because of their high lateral strength under compressive stresses. Hot-dipped galvanized steel products are highly resistant to corrosion and have a high-quality surface finish. Zinc chloride molecules and zinc ions are generated and applied to the steel surface during the hot dipping process, which involves immersing items in an aqueous solution of zinc chloride heated to roughly 150 degrees Celsius.


Uses the Hot Dip Galvanizing process to coat both sides of the sheet. Galvanized steel and other iron-carbon alloys are protected against corrosion by a zinc coating. Chipping, pitting, a nd scaling are not an issue for this metal due to its high wear and corrosion resistance. Flat products contınously coated by hot dıp It offers superior paint adhesion and corrosion resistance than stainless steel, but costs a fraction of the price.

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