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Trapezoidal Deck sheet metal weights, Deck sheet aplication

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Composite deck is intended for use with basic cement, and is made with mechanical decorations in the networks to make mechanical and synthetic bond between the deck and the solid. The composite activity enables the deck to fill in as the ductile fortification for positive twisting in the piece, which essentially lessens or dispenses with […]

Galvanized Box Profile Manufacturers, Galvanized square profile istanbul

Turkish Galvanized Square Section Price, Galvanized Rectangle Section, Galvanized Square Section producer, Galvanized steel section price istanbul

Turkish Galvanized Box Profile Manufacturers Galvanized box profile is produced in two different ways. The most preferred method is the box profile produced from galvanized coils. Galvanized box profiles produced from galvanized sheets up to 2 mm in thickness are also less costly than other methods. Galvanized box profile prices are determined according to the […]

Plasma steel cutting Istanbul, Turkish steel plasma cutting

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What is Plasma Cutting? Plasma sheet cutting works by applying electric current to the gas passing through a narrow end. The gases used in plasma sheet cutting can be nitrogen, argon, oxygen. The temperature of the gases used in plasma steel cutting istanbul is increased for easy combustion and provided to become gas. Although it […]

Cnc Laser cutting Istanbul, Cnc laser Cutting Price

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Cnc Laser cutting systems are a suitable method for cutting metal parts. Cnc Laser cutting machines provide a fast and efficient way to cut sheet metal and metal objects. Laser machine cutting is cleaner than most other cutting methods and requires less deburring and finishing after cutting. Although this depends, of course, on the materials […]

Turkish U beam, U steel profile price

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Npu profiles are generally used in steel construction structures as a carrier and connecting type of steel profile. They are also called U beam or Upn. Npu profiles can generally be produced as grades s235, 275 or s355 as commercial grades. The most used upn profile type of structural steel can be selected according to […]

What is the difference S235 and S355? What is ST 37 and ST 52?

S235JR, S235J2, S355JR, S355J2, S275JR, S275J2

Structural Steels S235, S275, S355, S420 and Properties Structural steels, also known as light steels, are the most common class of iron and steel. Among the most commonly used grades (S235, S275, S355 and S420) are the use of steels, mechanical use and chemical components. Structural Steel Applications Structural steels are the most widely used […]

Turkish Galvanized Square Section Profile, Turkey Galvanized Square Section Price

Turkish Galvanized Square Section Price, Galvanized Rectangle Section, Galvanized Square Section producer, Galvanized steel section price istanbul

Galvanized Square Section Profile can be produced by two different methods. Galvanized steel coil and hot-dip galvanizing method. Galvanized Square Section prices vary according to this production method. Hot-dip Galvanizing process is required and also affects the price of galvanized Square Section. The prices of galvanized sheet profiles of galvanized steel sheets produced after the […]

Cnc Laser Cutting Price, Cnc cutting calculate, Turkish cnc laser cutting

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Metal cutting process in industry more cnc laser cutting is used every day to be optimal. Cnc laser cutting is the most common metal cutting method. Cnc for Laser cutting one of the first devices It was tested in the early 1960s. With the success of cnc laser cutting method it has become widespread on […]

Structural Sections Ipe Beam Price

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I-beams (or I-sections) produce name states in large “I” form. yet the core of the known I-beam as a net provides resistance to shear forces. The web consists of flanges, tapered or latitude flanges on both sides and at both ends of the web at an identical, external I-beam. Flanges provide resistance to bending moments. […]

Turkish Drywall profile price, Turkish drywall producer

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Drywall production makes the difference with box profile and profile does not weld according to profile. Sorting technology in use using Drywall profile. Drywall profile are mainly produced with galvanized sheet. Already gypsum board profiles are produced from thin galvanized coils. Galvanized sheet is produced only in roll form without welding, and the cabinet is […]

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