Turkish Galvanized box profile production

turkish Galvanized section profile

Turkish Galvanized box profile production

To produce galvanized box profile, we first need to know the box profile. Turkish Galvanized Box profile production is roughly made by slicing the coil sheet and then joining and welding the two edge ends of the sliced ​​sheet coil on the lines we call the roll form line.


How is Turkish box profile produced?

In order to produce Turkish box profiles, a steel coil sheet suitable for box profile production must first be obtained. Commercial quality steels using box profiles are st 37 quality steel, st 44 quality steel or st 52 quality steel.

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Turkish Box profile galvanized coating

Turkish Galvanized coating is a process performed after the box profile is produced. Box profiles are galvanized by hot dip method.

Why hot-dip galvanized box profiles are preferred?

Box profiles are made from hot rolled or cold rolled sheets as raw materials. Cold rolled steel sheet or hot rolled steel sheet are susceptible to corrosion, that is, oxidizing. This shortens the circumference of the steel. The life of the corroded steel and the steel protected by galvanizing are different from each other. The service life of galvanized steel is 50 years on average, depending on the thickness of the coating.

The life of box profiles protected with galvanized coating can be seen as 50 years.

It is not the right choice because the galvanized sheet box profile is exposed to corrosion from the section where it originates from the joints.

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