Turkish Cold rolled sheet prices

turkish cold rolled steel price

Turkish Cold rolled sheet prices

Before processing into turkish cold rolled steel, it is necessary to pass the steel acid line to eliminate the black oxide structure on the surface, then Hot Rolled flat steel is cold rolled at room temperature to the desired final thickness. In cold rolling, hot rolled coils are made by rolling between rollers until they are made to the desired size by thinning between rolls more than rolling standards.

Cold rolled steel is normally available in four types: commercial steel, drawing steel, extra deep drawn steel and extra deep drawn steel plus. Each pull means more softening of the steel.

Turkish Cold rolled steel has a better surface, greater strength and better dimensional properties than hot rolled steel.

Turkey Cold rolled sheet prices vary according to their quality and size. For example, there is a difference between DC01 quality cold rolled sheet and DC02 quality. In addition, there is a price difference between 0.50 mm cold rolled sheet and 1.00 mm cold rolled sheet. You can find current cold rolled sheet prices on Celikfiyatlari.com.

  • DC01 Quality cold rolled sheet prices
  • DC02 Quality cold rolled sheet prices
  • DC03 Quality cold rolled sheet prices
  • DC04 Quality cold rolled sheet prices


Erdemir Cold steel sheet qualities

  • DC01 quality sheet is 6112 erdemir-7612 erdemir quality for the quality of erdemir.
  • DC02 quality sheet is 7112 erdemir quality equivalent to the quality of erdemir.
  • DC03 quality sheet is 6113 erdemir – 7123 erdemir grades for the quality of erdemir.
  • DC04 quality sheet is the equivalent of erdemir quality 6114 erdemir-7114 erdemir-7124 erdemir-7314 erdemir grades.
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