Snow Pole Producer


Snow Pole Producer

Snow pole to ensure that there is heavy snowfall, to make the road boundaries noticed. It is 3 meters long and produced from 60 mm diameter pipe. With reflective material, it has the feature of reflection in the dark and provides direction finding. Profile … is 2 mm.

Snowfall and snow plowing are useful for road detection. The recording was busy; along the road and is applied to culverts, bridges and cliffs, high embankments and other areas.

Why Snow Pillar?

It provides convenience in transportation and assembly work because it is light.
It is easy to maintain.
It is weather resistant.
It can be cleaned with those that get dirty after rain.
The stacked snow poles were pulled with new ones.

Product features

Male: 3 meters
Profile Diameter: 60 mm
Profile Thickness: 1.5mm, 2mm or 3mm



Snow pole; It is also called roadside post or snow flag pole. Snow poles are used to mark the boundary of the road where there is heavy snowfall on highways. It is a practical product applied in all places in order to prevent possible accidents and to warn drivers. The pipe with a diameter of 60mm and a thickness of 3mm will never bend and bend due to its robust structure.

It is the sign that determines the road platform in snowfall and keeping the snow away from the road. In regions with heavy snowfall; It is applied all the way in bridges, culverts, cliffs, high embankments and other required places. Snow poles can be made of iron pipe.

It is used to determine the road boundaries in parts of highways that hold heavy snow.

Standard Snow Pillar
Snow post Definition

Snow column are used to mark the boundary of the road on highways where there is heavy snowfall.

Snow mast can be manufactured from iron pipes. Iron ones can also be made with anchors.

Snow plows can easily find the direction of the road with the help of snow pylon.

Snow pole manufacturing is manufactured in accordance with Standards. Snow pylons last much longer as they are coated with electrostatic oven paint.



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