Carport – Ready Garage – Autopark porch

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Carport – Ready Garage – Autopark porch

Carport parking sheds are covered structures designed specifically to provide limited protection to cars from bad weather conditions. Parking sheds can be self-independent of the Main structure or mounted on a wall of the main structure. Unlike covered garages, carport car park porches do not have four walls. Or it is closed on one or both sides. Carports provide less protection than closed garages. Especially a closed garage can prevent freezing on the windshield. However, it can be easily transported thanks to its demountable feature. In general, parking lot porches, which have a more aesthetic appearance without connecting to the main building, can be fixed to the ground with anchor bolts.

Parking Lot Closing Systems

As a Ready Garage, we enable you to make your open spaces into closed and usable areas with special projects. We have different projects such as laser-cut decorative car park porches, garden sheds, poolside sunshades with special designs for your project. Closed car parks Thanks to our operations, vehicles can be protected from damage caused by rainfall and hail.

You can use steel parking lot sheds to protect your vehicles from harsh weather conditions such as hail or storm. Our ready-made garage systems are also available in different models and sizes from 1 vehicle to 3 vehicles.

Ready Made Steel Car Park Porches

It is obvious that we must protect our cars, which have been seen as an investment in recent years. We know that most vehicles stay in open air, ie on the streets, and are vulnerable to bad weather conditions or impacts. Your vehicle will be safer with ready-made garage systems and closed parking porches that you will set up in your garden or in the area closest to your home.

These systems, called closed parking lot porch systems or ready-made garages, are long-lasting and extremely robust. It has a certain snow load bearing capacity and extremely high wind resistance. Ready Garage – parking lot porch systems

Our ready-made garage systems are not only resistant to impacts, but also ensure that the vehicles under the porch are not damaged. We can also ship to different regions such as Istanbul porch, Ankara porch, Izmir porch, sea porch. As Ready Garage, we can produce outdoor parking solutions for a single car or more cars.

Parking Lot Prices

In addition to producing the parking lot sheds you need in your projects, we also send all the equipment that you can assemble. You can check the prices of the parking lot in our store section. If you have a special project, you can contact us and we can help you project. Our private parking prices vary according to the content of your project. From the amount of material to be used, the price can increase as the size of the parking lot porch required by the space increases.

At the same time, the different properties of the material used in the construction of the parking lot can be a factor that increases or decreases the price. Apart from that, as a company, we can produce parking gates in various colors.

By determining all these features after order and location discovery, we issue a price to the customer and ask them to make their payments according to this price. When the agreement is reached, we ensure the establishment of the parking lot porch with our experienced staff. With the porches we set up, vehicles can stop in front of doors or areas without being affected by weather conditions.

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