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What is Plasma Cutting?

Plasma sheet cutting works by applying electric current to the gas passing through a narrow end. The gases used in plasma sheet Plasma steel cutting can be nitrogen, argon, oxygen. The temperature of the gases used in plasma steel cutting istanbul is increased for easy combustion and provided to become gas. Although it is not necessary to heat the liquid gases in the gas cylinder to be easily burned in the plasma head, such processes are known to increase efficiency. The cut metal also helps grounding. Plasma cutting is given to the machine through the electrical parts are grounded.

The head through which the gas passes is called a nozzle. The plasma nozzle works as if it were a carburetor, a mixture of air and fuel passing through at high speed. The plasma cutter head cuts the metal by melting the high-speed gas from the nozzle. Gas and electricity are fixed to a point with plasma cutting head nozzle and sheet metal cutting process is performed.

Every day better machines are produced in plasma sheet cutting. A pilot arc between the electrode and the nozzle is used to ionize the gas and cut it with plasma before arc transfer.

Another method is to use a starter igniter (such as a spark plug) with a torch tip to generate sparks. None of these last two methods is suitable and compatible for CNC Plasma Cutting (automatic).

How Plasma Sheet Cutting Works?

To understand how the plasma cutting machine works çalış What is plasma? Let’s explain in simple terms. Plasma is the fourth state of matter. As we know, matter exists in three states: solid, liquid and gas. Its material state changes by reacting it with solid or liquid material with energy such as heat. For example, since a certain flow of energy is applied to the water in the solid state, ie ice, it will pass from the solid state to the liquid state. If heat is supplied to the liquid water and the temperature is increased, it will turn from liquid to gas.

After this point, if the amount of heat is increased and rises again, the water that is steam, ie gases, will ionize. The gaseous material will be electrically conductive and plasma. A plasma sheet cutter machine is the process of transferring conductive gas from a power source to a conductive material such as metal by introducing a power source. Plasma arc formation to the metal sheet material that is transferred to energy occurs by oxygen, nitrogen, argon and, if necessary, different gas, to pass electricity through a small hole in the torch, which is the nozzle of the plasma sheet cutting nozzle. An electricity generated from the power source is then combined with mixed and high pressure gas, which results in a sheet metal cutting process commonly referred to as a “plasma jet”. The plasma jet quickly pierces the metal sheet to be cut and blows up the molten material. Plasma and Oxygen sheet cutting can reach temperatures up to 2300 ° C.

Plasma Sheet Cutting Istanbul

There are many different materials that can be cut by plasma cutting. Of course, steel sheet cutting is one of them.

  • Main cutting materials in plasma cutting:
  • Plasma aluminum cutting
  • Plasma Steel Cutting
  • Plasma galvanized sheet cutting
  • Plasma Sheet Metal Cutting
  • Plasma Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Cutting
  • Plasma stainless sheet metal cutting
  • Plasma brass plate cutting
  • Plasma Flat Sheet Cutting

Plasma cutting is performed in our facility located in Turkey, istanbul. You can call us for plasma sheet cutting istanbul prices.

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