What is Galvanized Steel Sheet producing

Galvanized steel sheet producing

What is Galvanized Steel Sheet producing

Galvanized steel sheet is the product obtained by coating metallic zinc on all surfaces of the flat steel material produced. Materials made of iron rust in a short time when exposed to water and moisture. As a result, the metal becomes unusable. Corrosion of materials used in sectors such as construction and automotive leads to disruptions in production and even loss of life. Coating is made to prevent such situations.
Hot dipping or electro dipping method is applied while coating. It is ensured that zinc is liquefied in hot dipping, and the iron is coated on it. In the electro-immersion method, the zinc bonded to the anode sticks to the surface of the iron attached to the cathode.
While galvanized sheet is being produced, pre-preparation, annealing, galvanizing, tempering, straightening and oil / passivation stages are applied. The meticulous execution of each stage will ensure the quality of the coating obtained.

Advantages of Galvanized Sheet Material

The logic of galvanizing is to protect the base metal by sacrificing the zinc or aluminum-zinc coating. As the coating corrodes over time, the base metal remains intact. In this way, the coated product can be used safely for many years. It is sold in the market as roll or ready-made wall profile, in standard form, trapeze, ridge, grooved and roller blinds.
Galvanized coating has many advantages for materials to be used outdoors and indoors. Iron products used in vehicles in the automotive industry are exposed to moisture. In this case, the material will deteriorate in a shorter time than expected and will lose its properties. In order to avoid such situations, the sheet is galvanized. While the service life of the material increases, it can perform its function in the best way. The material obtained is suitable for plastering and deep drawing. If desired, painting can be done on it. Another advantage of galvanized sheet material is that it is economical. It provides to protect the material with a low cost for the companies that produce a large number of products in the industry. The coated material can be used up to 50 years.

Galvanized Sheet Usage Areas

Galvanized sheet is used in an extremely wide area. Automotive, white goods and construction industry are some of them. It can be easily applied to all surfaces of buildings. It is resistant to different weather conditions in indoor and outdoor areas. It is used in roof insulation, shed construction, window systems, corner profiles and window systems. Galvanized sheet material is used in the production of toys for children. In this way, toys will not rust and threaten the health of children.

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