Galvanized Section Profile Weight Table

Galvanized Section Profile Weight Table

Galvanized section Profile weight table
















For a better understanding of the difference between Galvanized Section Profile and non-galvanized steel, it helps to know how they are made. Both forms are made from steel. Essentially, the steel is formed by applying a thin zinc coating to make it stronger and more durable. The difference between them is in the way they are made. These sheets are much more expensive than other types of metal, and they can be a better choice if you need a high-quality product.

This section profile weights table

This section profile weights table is made from zinc-coated steel. As a bonus, this equipment is very hygienic and easy to clean. An industrial setting would benefit greatly from the versatility of this table.

Weighing and measuring steel section profiles after they have been completed by cutting, shearing, bending, or rolling is often done using galvanized steel section profile weight tables. A galvanized steel section profile weight table has an inner platform, an outside frame, and different cast iron or mild steel accessories.


A steel sheet’s weight may be estimated using a weight table for a galvanized section profile. Stainless steel structure and a multiple-calculation function make this calculator easy to use.


The galvanized steel section profile weight table, which is made of high-quality galvanized steel, demonstrates precision manufacture. Using it in the Indian fertilizer sector is a no-brainer. Anti-corrosion and wear protection is provided via galvanization.

turkish Galvanized section profile
turkish Galvanized section profile

The weight per linear yard, running foot, and square foot of hot-dipped galvanized and all-weather coatings is shown in a table. This system may be used with almost any kind of metal roofing or siding system that is currently on the market.


If you want to know how much various section profiles weigh, you may use this galvanized steel weight chart. Your shop or foundry can swiftly determine the exact weight of a product with this industrial-grade equipment.


A primary raw material for roofing and guttering is galvanized steel section. Crane support logs and water pipelines may both be made from this table’s steel tubing. Depending on your needs, galvanized steel pipe may be shaped into a variety of shapes.


Table with a galvanized section shape and a standard weight. If you want to know exactly how much your galvanized steel parts weigh, this is the perfect instrument for you!


The weight of the galvanized component is an essential consideration. Sections made from galvanized steel waste are subject to varied weight restrictions depending on where they are created. The mill test certificate may identify galvanized steel section profile as hot-dip galvanized.


It is possible to calculate the total weight of steel pipe moldings by comparing the weight of each profile segment in this table. When working on a project, it may help you to decrease waste as a consequence.

There are several advantages to using the Galvanized Section Profile Weight Table for parking meters and other parking equipment.

This galvanized steel section weight chart

This galvanized steel section weight chart is used to figure out how much a certain section weighs.

Without a frame, this weight table may be used to accurately weight any section shape. The table is easy to use since it simply has one set of weighing hooks on each side. Traditional and light portions may be prepared using it.

The weight per meter of profiled galvanized steel sections may be customized. Using a 100mm-long piece of A36 steel as a reference point, the data is analyzed. The profile’s width and thickness decrease as it nears its ends, as suggested by its name.

The Table is used to calculate the weight of a galvanized steel section based on its width and height. Using the weight per meter length shown in the table, multiply the total length of the product by its weight per meter.

It is best to utilize galvanized steel sectional profile weighted tables due of their versatility. Section profile weight tables made of galvanized steel offer an appealing appearance, great stability, high accuracy, and low maintenance requirements.

Table of Galvanized Steel Section Weights, or Table of Galvanized Section Weights,

The Galvanized Steel Section Weight Table is made from high-quality galvanized steel sections. The table may be used to weigh both ordinary steel pieces and those that have been tailored to meet a specific set of requirements.

The following tables detail the weights of various profile sizes made of galvanized steel. This is the weight of the galvanized channel section and its diameter in millimeters, as well as its weight per unit length (KG)

Galvanized Section Profile 1
Galvanized Section Profile 1

These tables, which are available in six standard sizes or may be customized to your needs, are made from galvanized steel sections and simplex profiles.

Standard, metric, and critical dimension gage blocks may be found to fit your needs. Even under the most harsh situations, all of our products are designed to withstand the everyday demands of use.

There are many sections shown on a galvanized weight chart for section profiles (Galvanized steel section profile weight table). The weight of each component is shown on a steel sheet. Adjusting the table’s height makes it simple to utilize.

The galvanized steel Section Profile Weight Table is topped with a weight table. The weight table is made of galvanized steel, which is both sturdy and long-lasting. An edge guard on either side of the gadget adds an extra layer of protection.

This table may be used to calculate the weight of galvanized steel pieces. There is no better option than our galvanized steel section profile weight tables when it comes to purchasing or replacing weight benches. With a two-year warranty, our galvanized steel section profile weight tables are made of commercial-grade steel.

Size (mm) Thickness (mm)
Weight (kg/m)
20 x 20 3 0.89
25 x 25 3 1.12
30 x 30 3 1.36
35 x 35 4 2.09
40 x 40 3 1.84
40 x 40 4 2.42
45 x 45 5 3.38
50 x 50 4 3.06
50 x 50 5 3.77
60 x 60 5 4.58
60 x 60 6 5.42
70 x 70 7 7.38
80 x 80 8 9.66
90 x 90 9 12.2
100 x 100 10 15.1
120 x 120 12 21.6

An essential tool on any construction site, the Galvanized Steel Profile Sizes Weight Table does its job well while being easy to use. Using a weight table and a sturdy design, steel profiles of all shapes and sizes may be weighed easily and quickly.

Which galvanized steel section profile is most suited to your needs? There is no need to look any further. Detailed weight, height, and breadth information is provided for each size so that you may make an informed choice.

Using this table, you may weigh galvanized steel objects. Simply choose the profile size to get an idea of how much your section will weigh. It doesn’t need any input from the user, so you can just place it on your desk for quick reference.

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