Galvanized Steel Box Section, Hollow section profile

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Galvanized Steel Box Section

Galvanizing process is used to protect metal material or steel material against atmospheric corrosion. Although the galvanizing process is carried out with different galvanizing methods, dipping galvanizing method is preferred due to the box profile production method. All welding work must be completed before galvanizing iron and steel material. When you pay attention to the materials selected during the production of galvanized box profiles, you will notice that they are produced from cold rolled sheet or hot rolled sheet. Box profile is obtained by forming hot rolled coil sheet with roll form and then welding it longitudinally. In this process, the welded box profile is now suitable for galvanizing process.


Hot-dip method is produced after longitudinal welding of hot-rolled coils or cold-rolled coils. Galvanized box profile weights are very close to each other. Galvanized box profile can be determined by the amount of galvanized coating per m2 while galvanized coating is being done. We are able to manufacture galvanized box profiles in Istanbul and Gebze.


Galvanized box profiles are generally used in many different projects such as construction, steel construction or container manufacturing. Facade cladding, machinery manufacturing, interior decoration for drywall partition applications, steel roof or etc. It is used in such structures. Galvanized box profile dimensions start from 50 mm as standard. Thickness and dimensions are the same as standard box profile dimensions. Galvanized iron and steel box profiles are produced according to different dimensions and coating thicknesses.

Our galvanized pipes are coated with a protective zinc coating to require oxidation of corrosion-causing steel. These Box profiles are very strong and this makes it perfect for outdoor use outside galvanizing. This galvanized steel content can be used in various structural applications in terms of great strength and durability. Steel can also be easily recycled, which is also extremely environmentally friendly and practical.

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Typical Uses

  • Engineering construction
  • Residential construction
  • Non-residential construction
  • Mining investment
  • Transport and storage
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture

How is made Galvanized steel section profile

Galvanized Steel Box Section made of galvanized sheet metal come into prominence especially with water and black box profiles durability feature. Our Box Profiles are manufactured as fully welded, not galvanized dipped or electro galvanized coating. Galvanized immersion also completely eliminates is healthier than electro-galvanized coating. If you are going to cover the galvanized box profile with electrostatic paint or if you are considering painting, we do not recommend it; Does not hold galvanized paint ..!

Especially in the case of water or moisture box profiles such as rust, the long-term benefits of your work and the effect of corrosion and oxidation of the galvanized box profile will shorten the life of the production.

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