2021 Steel Productions Data


2021 Steel Productions Data

The World Steel Association has released 2021 steel productions data. According to the report, China will be the top producer in the year. In 2020, the country will produce 1064.8 million metric tons. This is about 10 percent more than India. This figure is expected to increase in the following years as more countries start implementing modern methods for the production of steel. For the first quarter of 2022, China will produce approximately 28.3 million tons of steel.


The data is based on World Steel Association’s data. In the year 2021, US steel production rose 18.3% year on year to 86 million metric tons. Russia produced 70.6 million mt of steel last time. Turkey’s output jumped by 12.7% to 40.4 million mt, and France was the third largest producer in Europe. The World Steel Association reports the latest statistics for 64 countries.

The World Steel Association publishes a report each year containing the latest data for steel production worldwide. The data are updated on a monthly basis, and are based on the most recent production data. A more detailed summary of world steel production is available from the AISI’s “AIS 7” report, which is subscription-only. But it is not always reliable. While the World Steel Association has published these figures for the past few years, the most recent edition of the report is available on the AISI website.

World steel productions data for 2021 show that the total global production of crude steel rose 3.6% year on year to 1.9 billion metric tons. A decline in China offset an overall increase across the globe. Although China made up five percent of the global total, other countries such as India and Japan also saw growth in the year. A further 1.1 billion metric tons of steel were produced in India last year, and Japan’s output increased 14.9% year on over the past year to 95 million metric tons.

The US produced 86 million metric tons of steel in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 18.3%. Russia’s output grew 5.2% to 76 million metric tons. Turkey’s output increased by 12.7% to forty million metric tons. Germany was the top European producer of steel in 2021. The world’s most-produced countries in the world in the year included Germany and Russia.

In the year 2021, US steel production grew 18.3% year-on-year to 86 million metric tons. The metric-tonne production in Russia rose by 5.2% to 76 million metric tons. In the same period, output in South Korea rose by 12.7% to forty million metric tons. In Europe, the US was the top producer of steel in 2021, followed by Russia and South Korea.

AISI compiled the data for 2021. The data is based on monthly and weekly data. The AISI report “AIS 7” is the definitive source of steel productions data. The metric is measured in tons per year, so the metric is measured in metric tonnes. The tonne of steel is divided by its composition. The higher the content of the material, the more metal it contains.

This report is a snapshot of global steel productions. The metric used in the report is the year of the year. The raw-steel report shows that a country’s crude steel production is a measure of its ability to meet the needs of its citizens. Its data does not include the number of mills or steel plants in its manufacturing sector. The metric is derived from the country’s population.

The data compiled by AISI are estimated and are based on weekly and monthly productions. For more detailed information on AISI’s steel production, check out the AISI “AIS 7” report. This monthly report gives you an insight into the industry’s capacity utilization. While this isn’t a complete picture, it does show a wide range of productions and their relative size. It is possible to use the report to estimate the volume of your production in the future.

In September, China produced 73.8 million tons of steel, down 21.2% from September of last year. The United States and Japan produced 7.3 million metric tons, while India produced a mere 2.8 million metric tons. The United States and Japan both had smaller productions, and the two biggest producers of steel in the world were the United Kingdom and China. Besides, Russia produced 5.1 Mt, Turkey, and Germany.

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