Boiler Steels Price

Boiler sheets , boiler steels, pressure resistant steels,16mo3 , P235, P265, P295, P355 and 16MO3, pressure resistant steel sheet

Boiler sheets or boiler steels are group of P steels. 16mo3 is also included in this group. P235, P265, P295, P355 and 16MO3. Virtue qualities are 6341 erdemir quality, 6335 erdemir quality, 6347 erdemir quality, 6352 erdemir quality, 6345 erdemir quality, 16Mo3 erdemir quality. Also h2 steel quality in this gruop.

The prices of boiler sheets are sorted by scrap and iron ore prices, ie by raw material costs. Boiler steel prices are priced in usd / ton. Boiler sheets are very high in strength compared to st 37 quality steel sheets.

As the prices of boiler sheets are constantly changing, our customer representatives can be contacted for current boiler sheet prices.

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