what is 1 mm thickness hot rolled steel weight

what is 1 mm thickness hot rolled steel weight

Do you know what the weight of one millimeter thick hot rolled steel is? 2.6 kg/m2 of steel thickness for 1 mm hot rolled steel; this table is simply for reference; if you need various kinds of plates and qualities, please contact us for more information.

Hot rolled steel sheet and plate with a thickness of 1 mm, steel grade A1011, sheet and plate thickness: 1 mm.

The density of hot rolled steel with a thickness of one millimeter is 66 pounds per cubic meter cube (Kg/m3) of material, according to the ASTM standard. Due to the fact that hot rolled steel is an industrial product as opposed to other structural steel products, it is developed for a reason other than the aesthetics of building construction, as shown by its designation as such. It may be found in a variety of materials, including rebar, structural sections, channels, and pipes, among others. It’s understandable that you’d be curious in how they’d calculate the weight. It is possible to calculate the weight of an item using specific gravity, which is a mathematical calculation. Weighting an equal quantity of water and a substance with a specific gravity of 2.65 will result in the substance weighing 50 percent more than that of the water.

The product’s official name is:

Thickness: 1mm to 300mm;Tensile Strength: 270MPa or 420MPa;Yield Strength: 280MPa or 350MPa;Elongation: 12 percent or less;Tensile Strength: 270MPa or 420MPa;Tensile Strength: 270MPa or 420MPa;Tensile Strength: 270MPa or 420MPa;Tensile Strength: 270MPa or 420MPa;

Hot rolled steel is distinguished by an unique silver hue, and it is usually recognized as one of the most cost-effective and commonly utilized forms of steel. Fences, fence attachments, and furniture supports are just a few of the applications for which the material is appropriate.

what is 1 mm thickness hot rolled steel weight

This 1mm thick steel plate is available in a variety of various sizes, with the most popular being 1050 x 2250mm in length being the most often used. It has a physical hardness of 195HB, a tensile strength of 995MPa, and it includes no more than 0.2 percent carbon by weight, making it a high-performance material. If you want a thicker steel plate, you should look into 2mm steel plate possibilities for your project.

“Thickness of steel” is a general expression that refers to sheet metal thickness, as well as the unit of measurement “thickness of steel” for sheet metal thickness. In the United States, the thickness of a steel plate is typically measured in thousandths of an inch. The millimeter approach is often utilized when making orders for delivery outside of the country or when exact measurements are required. As an example, a sheet of 1 mm thick steel will have a sheet measurement (smoot) of 1000 x 1000 mm, which is equivalent to 0.01 meters by 0.01 meters when measured in this manner.

This steel is a hot rolled general purpose steel that is supplied in coils and has a wide range of uses. Hot rolled steel has been subjected to heat treatment, but it has not been cold worked. The manufacturing process, as well as the subsequent heat treatment of the rolling and/or the subsequent thermal treatment of the completed product, all have an impact on the mechanical qualities of the finished product.


As the name implies, steel foil is made up of thin steel plates with an average thickness of less than 0.8 mm. Steel foil is mostly used in the packaging of food and cosmetics, but it is also used in the decorating of buildings and other structures. Stainless steel plates with a thickness more than 3 mm are often known by the general public as plate steel (also known as plate steel billets or slabs) for mechanical applications, with dimensions ranging from around 80 x 40 cm to approximately 100 x 50 cm.

Cast steel is a semi-solid metal with unusually high tensile strength and hardness, as well as “superior fatigue strength.” It is used in the construction of bridges and other structures. It is used in a wide range of applications.

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