How much metres steel cutting line

How much metres steel cutting line 3

All of the primary metal roof measures and steel cutting line dimensions, including 12 grade, 24 grade, and 30 grade sheets, are provided, as well as details.

Below are the steel cutting measurements for the materials and thicknesses specified on our Metal Roof Steel Roofing page. How much metres steel cutting line

metal roof steel cutting lines sizes,metal roof steel cutting lines sizes according to standard

Cutting Lines and Sizes for Metal Roof Steel:

The Trinity T3201 44″ metal roof steel cutting line is ideal for a variety of jobs involving metal cutting and metal roofing. This metal roof steel cutting line has dimensions of 26″, 32″, 38″, and 44″ on each metal roofing steel sheet and is extremely simple to mark on. They measure 26″ x 30″, 32″ x 38″, 38″ x 46″, and 44″ x 50″. Each sheet is constructed of T-1 tool steel, which is of the highest grade.

What are the standard and bespoke sizes of metal roofing cutting lines available?

Welded steel sheet is a type of sheet product made by shearing steel with flat surface in the thickness of 1.5mm-12mm, width of 800-2000mm, and length of 6000-24000mm from steel and iron plates,coils,and sheets through different thermal processes and divided into two groups according to the welding method:

The numerous metal roofing cutting lines are shown in this chart of metal roof steel cutting measurements. The table displays the most typical metal roofing fabric lengths, ranging from a 24 gauge twin ogee to an architectural standing seam, to make cutting your metal roofing simpler. How much metres steel cutting line



All commercial standard roll sizes of steel roofing have steel cutting dimensions (thickness in mils). You may calculate the quantity of material required for your roof using this chart and a tape measure. How much metres steel cutting line

Steel Cutting Line

Steel cutting measurements are ubiquitous, but not necessarily easy to find. We’ve included a list of common cutting dimensions for coils and sheets below. These lists of widely used sizes might assist you in protecting your investment and matching the correct size to the correct profile. How much metres steel cutting line


When it comes to cutting steel, there are a variety of machinery available. Here’s a short breakdown of your alternatives:


1.High Strength 140 Mpa Q235A Galvanized Steel, Thickness 1.2mm, 2.Galvanized Box-Type Steel Profile, 3.PPGI and 3G2 Transfer Printing 4.Hot dipped zinc painted coating, 5.With the greatest level of rust resistance and galvanization, ISO 9001:2008 certification

The steel cutting line restricts your items’ operating environment.


The steel cutting line is a must-have in any construction or maintenance setting for cutting linoleum, carpet, and other materials. Workers may use this instrument safely and efficiently to cut thick materials such as carpet, linoleum, and more.


Metres of steel cutting line on each spool: 3.50m of 0.8mm, 2.90m of 0.6mm, and the remainder is piece by piece so you may pick the length you want depending on your application.



4 a 3.2 m steel cutting line, 4 a 0.8 m steel cutting line, 6 a 0.8 m steel cutting line, and 8 a 0.8 m steel cutting line are available for purchase.


Briefly, our steel cutting line is best suited for creating greenery, maintaining grasses and weeds, trimming and shaping trees, and harvesting grain. Depending on the length of the line, all of these things can be done efficiently and affordably.


The table below shows the typical cutting capability of the different lines and cutters.


Cutting line is measured in metres, therefore 1.5 metres of cutting line equals 1 metre of strip and 0.5 metre of parallel nettle, and so on.


Metal 1.6mm-4.0mm

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