Corrugated Galvanized Sheet Manufacturing

Corrugated Galvanized Sheet manufacture

Corrugated Galvanized Sheet Manufacturing

,Sheet coil rolled sheet canai cold and low carbon coated with zinc with hot dip methods to produce galvanized sheet products. According to customer demands, products are produced in rolls, as standards, with desired lengths, ridge, trapeze, roller curtains and wall profiles. The price of wavy galvanized sheets is calculated depending on the width and thickness.

Corrugated Galvanized Sheet Manufacturing

Galvanized corrugated sheet manufacturing obtained by passing flat sheets with zinc plated through a roll form. Fluting is a process carried out in accordance with the standard TS 822. Wavy galvanized sheet has DX51 quality. This is produced with a thickness between 0.4 and 1 mm.

Advantages of Corrugated galvanized sheets

Corrugated galvanized sheets have many advantages brought by zinc layers. The material is very durable. Even when folding, there is no blisters and spilled on the layer. It is suitable for plastering and pictures inside. Easy to solder and paint. It has a fireproof structure. Because this is an economical product, it can be preferred for applications to a large area. This is a practical product to register and protect the area where it is used against external factors. Because it can be assembled easily, saving time and labor. Because it provides practicality during transportation, no damage and deformation. It’s easy to paint, he holds paint spectacularly and gives good results. It’s not difficult to dismantle because it will be assembled.

Corrugated galvanized sheets are used on the roof and facade layer, in the construction of prefabricated building elements, in the production of industrial facilities and aircraft, in the construction of warehouses and closed facilities, and in the construction of portable exhibitions and fair galleries.

Galvanized Sheet Manufacturing

Corrugated roof sheet size

Corrugated galvanized sheets are produced from 1000 mm roll sheets. The material width obtained after production was reduced by up to 875 mm and the tone height became 18/76.2. Here 18 mm means the depth of the wave, while 76.2 is the wave width.

Maximum Corrugated roof sheet maximum
0.3 mm 1.20 mm plate thickness
1000 mm 4000 mm long sheet

Corrugated roof sheet.

Corrugated roofing sheets allow different areas to resist the atmospheric conditions. Because it is a lightweight material, easy to move to the roof. This increases the comfort of the area where it is used. Products can be applied with easy ingredients available such as knives, nails and hammer. This is a good material for the garage application.

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