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Cnc Laser Cutting Price

Metal cutting process in industry
more cnc laser cutting is used every day to be optimal.
Cnc laser cutting is the most common metal cutting method.
Cnc for Laser cutting
one of the first devices
It was tested in the early 1960s.
With the success of cnc laser cutting method
it has become widespread on both economic and technological benefits. Cnc laser cutting quality, accuracy and
According to alternative sheet metal cutting methods are preferred due to the speed. Cnc laser Cutting, welding, drilling, heat treatments can be done on these machines. Cnc laser cutting is one of the most preferred machine track products day by day.


Cnc laser cutting method with insert
focusable laser beam
Extremely small to high surface
energy density. In cnc laser cutting, the laser beam comes into contact with the surface of the material with high intensity and the cutting process starts.
It has high sensitivity. Cnc Laser cutting prices are used in cutting different materials except plate which we call angled or 3d cutting with moving head. Laser cutting of many steel or metal materials is possible, such as H section cutting or seamless pipe cutting.


Rapid development of technology and
With the production equipment being increased and the Cnc laser cutting industry has also had to adapt. Some software
The cnc laser cutting calculation, which is complicated by applications, is facilitated by mathematical model and some input parameters. Model analysis of cnc laser cutting cost is given below.

Common parameters in CNC Laser cutting
and symbols are:

n – number of pieces made
ns – number of segments per section
Lcut – cutting length for one piece, mm
Nsm – Number of shift workers
Pr –
number of shift workers, RSD / s
PM – Investment Capital
p – time efficiency,%
nh – number of hours per shift, h
TM – Machine life, depreciation
International – annual interest
Ins – Insurance
S – required area m2
Pz – rental space cost, RSD / m2
Im – maintenance, percentage of invested capital
per annum
Tpr – preparation time (programming)
Pel – electricity prices din / kWh (TL / kWh)
Hand – electricity consumption, kW
vcut – cutting speed, m / min
Teaspoon – cut preparation time, seconds
nml – number of nozzles
Tml – nozzle age, h / nozzle
PML – the price of a breast, RSD / breast

Cnc laser cutting overall cost calculation

Electricity costs Cel = El Pel, RSDh (TL / s):
Interest expense Cint = Cc 0.5 Int 0.01
Annual RSD (TL / year)
Amortization cost Cam = Pm / Tm
Annual RSD (TL / year)
Working hours of nr = nh p Nsm
0.01 h
Insurance costs Type = Pm Ins 0,01
Annual RSD (TL / year)
Cost area Cs = S Pz 12 RSD / year
(TL / year)
Maintenance costs Co = Pm Im 0.01 RSD
/ year (TL / year)
Equipment cost per hour Cm = (Cint +
Cam + Type + Cs + Co) / nr RSD / s (TL / s)
Nozzle consumption in a head Hml = 1
/ Tml RSD / s (TL / s)
Cost nozzle Cml = Hml Pml nml RSD / h (TL / h)
Total length of cut LUcut = n Lcut m
Total preparation time and pre-action
cutting TUsp = (ns Tsp n) / 3600 hours
Total cutting timeTutcut = (Lcut / (cut 60) + Tsp) / nml h
Total cutting time (laser) TUcut = LUcut / (vcut
60) + TUsp h
Total labor cost CUr = Pr (Tpr + Tucut) RSD
Total electricity cost CUel = Cel
Current RSD (TL)
Total cost of the machine CUm = Cm
Total cost of nozzle CUml = Cml

CNC Laser process:

Century Lens, Time / Lens-TL
Price lenses – Pl
Price of working gas, RSD / m3 (TL / m3) – Prg
Operating gas consumption, l / min – Qrg
Price of laser gas, RSD / m3 (TL / m3) – Plg
Laser gas consumption, 1 / min – Qlg
Gas cost, RSD / s (TL / hour)
Gas, lens / hour consumption
Lens RSD / hour cost (TL / hour)
Total gas cost, RSD (TL)
Total cost of the lens, RSD (TL)
Total cost cutting, RSD (TL)

CNC Laser Cutting Costs

Today’s metalworking industries
has been constantly experiencing similar problems in cost calculation. Especially in cnc laser cutting to respond quickly to customer’s demands.
Also cnc laser to be cut sheet metal material
part design, optimization and monitoring
as well as technical production
documentation issues such as cnc laser cutting software saves lives. Function of Software
provide complete information to be able to do it correctly.
Most of the time due to missing information cnc laser cut calculation may be wrong. Considering that the change of a single parameter in cnc laser cutting will affect the whole calculation, each variable is important for us.
Cnc laser cutting prices come out high to solve the problem
recalculate all factors that affect it. The aim of cnc laser metal cutting is to save time,
technological and economic analysis,
to reduce costs, to increase productivity.


The following table shows, for example, the thickness of the metal plate and how long it will be laser-cut. We mentioned that laser cutting prices are calculated according to cm / sec. Since the laser sheet cutting and laser aluminum cutting are different structures, the time to be spent in cnc laser cutting varies at the same rate.

Laser Metal Cutting Prices

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Laser cutting machines sizes
Laser cutting machines as standard

1200 mm x 2500 mm
1500 mm x 3000 mm
2000 mm x 3000 mm

can be in different sizes. The sheet metal plate sizes that we will use according to the dimensions of this laser cutting machine are also determined.

Standard Dimensions of Sheet Plate
1000 mm x 2000 mm
1200 mm x 2400 mm
1250 mm x 2500 mm
1500 mm x 3000 mm

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