DX51 Galvanized Steel Coils

İstanbul Galvaniz Sac Fiyatları

DX51 Galvanized Steel Coils

DX51D galvanized steel sheet is a kind of color coated steel that is widely used in the construction of various structures. This material has strong anti-corrosion performance and can be easily recycled. It is widely used for making home appliances, vehicles and ships, as well as in decoration and transportation industries. Furthermore, it has good anti-corrosion ability and is pollution-free. It is easy to process, bending, and rolling, and has a wide application in many fields.


The DX51D grade of galvanized steel coil is a European standard that is equivalent to Thesteelprice. This metal is commonly used for outdoor use, as it is naturally resistant to rust. It is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from six inches to 24 inches. It can be 6 to 10 feet long, and its thickness can vary from 15mm to 51mm. Its thickness is approximately two to three centimeters thick.

DX51 Galvanized Steel prices

DX51D+Z275 is a type of galvanized steel coil. It has a thin, flat layer of zinc. It is commonly used for fabrication of different types of structures, including vehicles and houses. Because it’s durable and weather-resistant, it’s ideal for outdoor fabrication. A DX51D+Z275 coil will be long-lasting and will withstand the elements.

DX51 galvanized steel coils are typically hot-dip-galvanized, which is a continuous process that involves immersing a sheet of steel in a zinc bath. A pretreatment process is required to prepare the surface of the steel before it’s put through the zinc bath. A skin-passing process is necessary to give the steel a uniform coating. After this, it’s possible for the finished product to receive a final oil coating, which further improves the quality and longevity of the coating.

For a high-quality DX51 galvanized steel coil, it’s important to consider the manufacturer’s reputation. A reputable company will guarantee grade-A quality, competitive prices, and excellent performance. If a supplier doesn’t have a stellar reputation, you can’t trust them. If you’re looking for a high-quality DX51 steel coil, look no further.

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