Differences between S235JR and P235GH

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Differences between S235JR and P235GH

There are some differences between S235JR and P235GH. Both are non-alloy steels used for pressure vessels and pipes containing hot liquids. S235JR is less expensive than P235GH and has more carbon content, important for some applications. S235JR is commonly used in structural applications, while P235GH is more affordable. This article will examine the differences between the two plates of steel and the benefits of each.

S235JR and P235GH


S235JR is the most commonly used steel for building components. Its minimum yield strength is 230 MPa, and its energy-related quality level is 27 J/20°C. It is equivalent to ASTM A36, but the differences aren’t that great. They are similar in chemical composition and mechanical properties. If you’re looking for a high-strength material for structural applications, S235JR is the best choice.

P235GH is a common choice for welded pressure-resistant structures, and it has a minimum yield strength of 235 MPa and a Charpy impact test of 27 J at 20°C. S235JR is a common choice for structural components and is equivalent to ASTM A36. The differences between these two grades of steel are minimal. Generally, they are similar in chemical composition and mechanical properties.


S235JR is unalloyed steel commonly used for auxiliary boiler parts and is available with stamping or mill certification. Its strength is rated between 325 and 500 MPa and has good weldability. S235JR is ideal for low-pressure applications and can withstand elevated temperatures. However, P235GH has a higher yield strength and is less likely to deform.

P235GH is European-specified steel that is suitable for elevated working temperatures. While both steel sheets are similar in chemical composition, S235GH is considered the higher strength of the two. As a result, it is also more expensive. In addition, the former price is higher than that of the latter. Compared to S235JR, P235GH is a more expensive choice.

S235JR and P235GH

P235GH Steel Grade

S235JR is more expensive than P235gh, and it is essential to remember that steels belonging to the same quality are very different. S235JR is used for pipelines and pressure equipment, while P235GH is used for channels and high-pressure applications. Both are standardized for various uses, and the grade you choose will depend on the particular application.

The quality of P235Gh is higher than S235JR. Both are suitable for pressure equipment, and the quality of S235JR is used for various applications. In contrast, S235JR is a lower-cost option. In addition, it is less expensive than P235GH, so it is easier to find the same type of steel. The grades are also similar when it comes to chemical resistance.

S235JR and P235GH

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