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Corrugated Sheet Prices

Galvanized steel sheet producing

Corrugated Sheet Prices Corrugated sheet is material manufactured using galvanized or aluminum. Painted or unpainted, it can be produced in many different thicknesses. In addition, the material can be made double layer to help heat insulation. Corrugated sheet prices are determined according to the properties and quantity of the material. Materials with different technical features […]

How to Measure Galvanized Coating Thickness, Galvanized Coating Thickness


How to Measure Galvanized Coating Thickness, Galvanized Coating Thickness Galvanized coating is applied in order for metals to continue their intended use for the longest time. Hot dip and electrolysis methods are used for this. The method can be selected according to the place where the material will be used. According to the need, aluminum-zinc […]

What are P Group Boiler Steel Sheets?

boiler steel plate

What are P Group Boiler Sheets? Another name for P group boiler steel sheets is pressure vessel steels. Their most well-known feature is their good weldability. While the metal sheets with a cross section smaller than 25 mm are welded, there is no tendency to harden in the region under heat effect, ie ITAB. In […]

What Are The Chemical Differences Between P235GH and P355GH ?

p235gh and p355gh

What Are The Chemical Differences Between P235GH and P355GH ? P235GH and P355GH materials are pressure vessel steels, also known as boiler sheets. Considering the general properties, it is seen that both materials have good weldability. In addition, they can withstand high pressure. P235 Quality Strength Values P235 grade material is in the unalloyed steel […]

Carport – Ready Garage – Autopark porch

hazır çelik otopark kırmızı trapez sac

Carport parking sheds are covered structures designed specifically to provide limited protection to cars from bad weather conditions. Parking sheds can be self-independent of the Main structure or mounted on a wall of the main structure. Unlike covered garages, carport car park porches do not have four walls. Or it is closed on one or […]

Istanbul Galvaniz Sac Fiyatları

İstanbul Galvaniz Sac Fiyatları

Istanbul Galvaniz Sac Fiyatları siz değerli müşterilerimiz için özel istanbul dudullu da satış noktaları oluşturduk. Artık Siparişleriniz Bir Telefon Kadar Yakın. Genişlik ölçüsü 1 metre olan galvanizli trapez sac fiyat listesi aşağıdaki gibidir. Galvaniz sac ve Trapez sac 27/200 formu kapatma eni 100 cm uzunluk istediğiniz boyda üretilir. Galvaniz Sac Fiyatları Ayrıca Galvanizli çatı sacları […]

Trapezoidal Deck sheet metal weights, Deck sheet aplication

turkish trapezoidal sheet price,trapezoidal dec sheet price, turkish trapezoidal sheet producers,trapezoidal sheet production turkish

Composite deck is intended for use with basic cement, and is made with mechanical decorations in the networks to make mechanical and synthetic bond between the deck and the solid. The composite activity enables the deck to fill in as the ductile fortification for positive twisting in the piece, which essentially lessens or dispenses with […]

Galvanized Box Profile Manufacturers, Galvanized square profile istanbul

Turkish Galvanized Square Section Price, Galvanized Rectangle Section, Galvanized Square Section producer, Galvanized steel section price istanbul

Turkish Galvanized Box Profile Manufacturers Galvanized box profile is produced in two different ways. The most preferred method is the box profile produced from galvanized coils. Galvanized box profiles produced from galvanized sheets up to 2 mm in thickness are also less costly than other methods. Galvanized box profile prices are determined according to the […]

Plasma steel cutting Istanbul, Turkish steel plasma cutting

turkish plasma cutting, plasma cutting price, steel plasma cutting istanbul, istanbul cnc plasma cutting

What is Plasma Cutting? Plasma sheet cutting works by applying electric current to the gas passing through a narrow end. The gases used in plasma sheet cutting can be nitrogen, argon, oxygen. The temperature of the gases used in plasma steel cutting istanbul is increased for easy combustion and provided to become gas. Although it […]

Cnc Laser cutting Istanbul, Cnc laser Cutting Price

Turkish cnc laser cutting company, Istanbul laser cutting , Turkey cnc metal cutting, Turkish cnc laser cut price, Turkish metal cuttig price

Cnc Laser cutting systems are a suitable method for cutting metal parts. Cnc Laser cutting machines provide a fast and efficient way to cut sheet metal and metal objects. Laser machine cutting is cleaner than most other cutting methods and requires less deburring and finishing after cutting. Although this depends, of course, on the materials […]

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